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In addition to 8 tracks of our favorite kirtans, this new album contains a remake of a song called “Breathe,” that was on Rob’s first CD, released in 2009. This song has always been significant to us, because "Breathe" is the song that led us to singing kirtan in the first place. 

“Neither of us practiced Bhakti yoga or sang kirtan at the time, but one day a yoga teacher heard me perform my song, “Breathe,” and she bought the CD. She began playing it in her classes, and then asked me to come and lead a kirtan at her studio. Well, I had no idea how to lead a kirtan, but fortunately, I said “yes", and next you thing you know, I was hooked.”


That was nearly eight years ago, and here we are, making our third kirtan album. Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga has become everything to us, it’s not just our spiritual practice, but also our way of life and our way to be of service in the world.

For our first two CD’s “Bolo” and “Tejase,” we used the online platform Kickstarter to raise finishing funds, and it was super fun co-creating those albums together with you. But this time we’ve decided to do it a little different, and we’ll be running it all through our own online store. The reason is simple, although Kickstarter is great, it charges high fees, and we’d much rather use your contributions directly for the production of the music.

Just like Kickstarter, there are many different levels of support, combined with gifts for contributors. This opportunity is available for a limited time only, and as an added incentive, the first eight backers get a super-special surprise in addition to your gift(s). 


We are stoked to be working with Ben Leinbach again. Ben produced our latest album, “Tejase,” and he’s one of the best in the mantra music genre, having worked with many of our favorite kirtan wallahs, like Jai Uttal, Gaura Vani, Deva Premal, and so many more!

Outside Ben's studio last month

Beyond Ben, we are grateful to have several wonderful musicians supporting the music with their talents. 

Daniel Paul is playing Tabla for us again on a couple of tracks. Daniel has been on all three of our kirtan albums, and his resume in the world of kirtan music is just as long as Ben’s. 

Post Pranafest set with Daniel

Lucas Cheadle, who’s been playing with us for years here in Seattle, is bringing his groovy bass lines to many of the songs. We just love playing with Lucas, and we are super psyched to have him with us again. 

Playing with Lucas at the Northwest Yoga Feast

And Clayton Cambell is bringing his serious Cajon skills to the Maha Mantra and our Radha Ramana chant. What a blessing!

Clayton at Bhakti Fest

The majority of “Breathe” has already been recorded, thanks to an early benefactor that sponsored our first session in the studio with Ben, however there is still a lot to do before we can release it, including mixing, editing, mastering and finalizing the album art and promotional materials.

The goal is to release the album this summer, and with your help we can make that happen! 

We really wouldn’t be doing this without you, it is your love, support and energy that makes it all possible. 

Many blessings, 

Rob and Melissa