We're doing it again...the Bhakti Toolbox continues!


Dear Friends,

There is a beautiful Sanskrit word 'dakshina,' that refers to the practice of repaying one’s teacher or guru after completing a course of study, or spiritual training. The student's offering not only conveys gratitude and respect, but also deepens their connection to the guru's teachings. 

This ‘fee’ isn’t always financial, and might involve a 'special task' the teacher asks the student to accomplish. Indian history and scripture is full of stories relating to these ‘special tasks,' but we'd like to tell you about the 'task' we've been asked to accomplish:


The Journey Continues - NW Yoga Conference - Seattle Kirtan

Dear Friends,
This is our final letter from Rishikesh, and most likely our last from India. We leave the Himalayas today after spending over two months in this wonderful place, and fly south to Kerala for a week of warm weather before heading back to Seattle.

Deepening our Practice - Meditation, Music and the Gita

Dear Friends,
We are writing to you again from Rishikesh. We are as surprised as anyone by the fact that we are still here. When we first came to India, we said we were going to let spirit guide us, but we never guessed that we would be guided to stay in one spot for so long! 

Happy Holidays from India!


Dear Friends,

We've been here in India for nearly four weeks and SO much has happened! It's hard to know where to begin!

Amazing people


Dear Friends,

We leave for our extended trip to India tonight, and we are literally bursting with joy and anticipation of the adventure ahead of us! We wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU for being so supportive, loving and encouraging…we are excited about our journey, but we are going to miss you so much!

Thinking about you makes us remember this story:


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