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Dear Friends,

We leave for our extended trip to India tonight, and we are literally bursting with joy and anticipation of the adventure ahead of us! We wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU for being so supportive, loving and encouraging…we are excited about our journey, but we are going to miss you so much!

Thinking about you makes us remember this story:

A few years ago, we attended a Jai Uttal weekend workshop at Breitenbush Hot Springs in Oregon. It was a wonderful weekend on so many levels (soak, sing, soak, sing, nap, eat, soak, sing), but one moment still stands out in our memory. During the opening circle, Rob was speaking about his desire to sing kirtan and practice Bhakti Yoga full time, and we presented the idea of kirtan being our livelihood. Daniel Paul, an extraordinary Tabla player who was co-facilitating the workshop with Jai, smiled as he answered, “Well, making a living singing kirtan is challenging, but the best part is: you'll meet so many amazing people along the way.”

with Daniel Paul at East West Bookstore, Seattle

Wow, was he ever right! From that sacred circle back at Brietenbush, all the way up to the fantastic kirtan in Seattle this past weekend, we have met so many marvelous, inspiring, beautiful, wonderful, vibrant people! If you are reading this, that includes you! And if we haven't met you yet, we are already looking forward to it! Thank you for being a part of our family!

Sure, the road has its challenges, but they can’t begin to compare with the joy of being in community with loving, like-minded people. Your love fills us up and gives us the strength to overcome any obstacle. 

Jai Ganesh!

Rob and Melissa

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Charlotte Powell November 17, 2016 @08:08 am
Have a wonderful journey to India! Hari Bol!

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