Bhakti Yoga Unveiled (with Three Trees Yoga)

Harmony Hill Retreat Center

Hood Canal, WA

June 1-3, 2018

This Advanced Training module combines meditation, asana, live music and kirtan to reveal the deeper meaning and relevance of Bhakti Yoga, commonly called the Yoga of Devotion, or the Way of Love. You will explore the richness of Bhakti Yoga, including various forms of devotion, through the traditional methods of satsang, insightful storytelling, movement, mantra and kirtan, inviting you to release inhibitions and deepen your heart connection to spirit. In addition, we’ll discuss practical examples of how to incorporate these methods into your personal practice.

If in 300 Hr. Advanced Training Program: $450
Others: $750, includes 6 meals, two nights accommodations and 15 hours of training. 
Open to any 200 hr RYT or advanced yoga practitioner.

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