"Rob and Melissa have delivered us a true jewel in the Yoga Mantra Music world, with their album Tejase...sweet, soothing, healing and spiritually uplifting. A true classic!!!"

 -Govind Das, Owner/Director Bhakti Yoga Shala, Santa Monica, CA

"Rob and Melissa, with their gorgeous voices and wide-open hearts, bring the beauty AND the bhav."

-Daniel Stewart, Kirtan Artist/Co-Owner Rising Lotus Yoga, Los Angeles, CA

 "Rob and Melissa light up the room! Together they capture the audience with their joy-filled performances and their sweet glances at each other. If kirtan is indeed a path to the Divine, then Rob and Melissa will pave the way."

-Jeni Martinez, Teacher/Owner Three Trees Yoga, Federal Way, WA

 "Rob and Melissa have a beautiful musical rapport together. Their voices blend wonderfully, and their music is inspiring."

-Ben Leinbach, Grammy nominated Producer, Composer and Instrumentalist

"I love me some Rob and Melissa kirtan! They create an incredibly warm and inviting atmosphere where people can let their voices shine. Their harmonies together, along with Rob's amazing guitar playing, soothe the soul and bring much joy."

-MJ Daniels, Teacher/Sound Healer 8 Limbs Yoga, Seattle WA

"Kirtan with Rob and Melissa is still flowing and vibrating in and around me! Call it Reiki, call it transmission, call it God, call it whatever-you-like. I have been Touched."

-Christina Lovejoy, Teacher/Owner Morning Light Yoga, Coeur d'Alene, ID

"Absolutely beautiful, brought tears to my eyes."

Joanna Saxby, Yoga Teacher Yoga Tree, San Fransisco, CA