Bhakti Yoga Unveiled

*NEW DATES* September 25 - 27, 2020

Harmony Hill Retreat Center, Union, WA

This advanced training module has been crafted to help explore the deeper meaning and relevance of Bhakti Yoga, commonly called the yoga of devotion, or the Way of Love. 

The beautiful and peaceful Harmony Hill Retreat Center is located on the edge of a lush forest with expansive views of the pristine Hood Canal and Olympic mountains. This natural setting provides the perfect backdrop for a weekend devoted to exploring these heart-opening practices. 

Experience the richness of Bhakti Yoga through Satsang (sacred community), meditation, insightful storytelling, movement, mantra, and kirtan. Lots of kirtan, because frankly, that’s our preferred method of practice. Not only because it’s joyful, but for us, mantra is the easiest and most effective way to quiet the mind. And when we quiet the mind, we can hear our hearts sing a little louder.

Learn how listening to your heart strengthens devotion to your practice, to your teaching and to what’s important in your life and how you live your days. We will take you beyond the physical work-out, towards the spiritual work-in. We will also discuss practical examples of how to incorporate these methods into your daily practice and your teaching. 

(Bhakti Yoga Unveiled 2018)


1) Do I have to be a yoga teacher to attend this retreat?

No. But, a regular asana practice and an interest in the spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga are a plus.

2) Will there be yoga asana?

Yes – there will be daily asana practices (all-levels), but asana is not the focus. 

3) If I have no interest in teaching, how will I benefit?

Bhakti yoga is for everyone. It is the yoga of the heart and when practiced in community, or Satsang, we can all benefit. 


Accommodations (dbl. occupancy)

Daily yoga, meditation, satsang and kirtan

6 delicious vegetarian meals

15 hours of training (CUE's available)


Early bird pricing:

$550 USD/person ~ paid in full before August 1st, 2020

Standard pricing:

$575 USD/person ~ after August 1st, 2020

Contact us to register or learn more: