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After many years in the film biz, Lundsgaard, a rock and folk-inspired singer/songwriter, stepped out of the rat race of the Hollywood scene to pursue his first passion, music. This 5 song self-titled EP marks his musical debut.      

Lundsgaard's lyrical and passionate style, compared to Cat Stevens, Van Morrison and REM, draws us in as he delivers an inspiring and upbeat message of love and enthusiasm. Without being heavy handed, he reminds us to take it slow, keep smiling and not let the outside world drag us down. Lundsgaard's songs all seem to revel in the joyful side of life, staying clear of the angst and suffering that seems to be the source of inspiration for so many other artists in the singer/songwriter genre.   

"I've got those songs too, I've got my heart-breaks and disappointments just like anyone else, but there is plenty of that out there in the world. There seems to be a growing trend in music happening, Love is getting cool again.  It's okay to be positive and upbeat and even spiritual. You don't have to have a cigarette dangling from your lips, a tattoo on your arm and a scowl on your face to be taken seriously as a musician anymore. So on my first CD, I wanted to put something positive into the mix. Maybe I'll cry on your shoulders on the next one, but for now...Life is Good!"