Darshan of Grace

Please join Tara Mather, Nina Rao, Radha Baum, Janaki Tremaglio, and Rob and Melissa for a Darshan of Grace, with prayers to the Devi followed by stories of Shri Siddhi Ma in celebration of Spring Navratri, honoring the Divine Feminine, most specifically, the Goddess Durga. 

The Program:

After a short introduction and brief narrative of Navratri, we will chant prayers to the Devi, share stories of the Divine Mother, Shri Siddhi Ma, and offer Aarti. 💓🌷🙏

We will follow with Q&A. 

Devi Prayers from Kainchi Dham: 

Shrí Durgā Chālīsā - Nina Rao 

Durgā Stutih - Rob and Melissa 

Nārāyanī Stutih - Janaki Tremaglio

Devyaparādhakshamāpan Stotram - Tara Mather 

When: Saturday, April 24th, 10am PDT, 1pm EDT, 6pm GMT

Where: On Zoom 

This is a FREE event. To register and receive the Zoom link, please send an email to: melissa@robandmelissa.com.


Digital copies of the Devi Prayers are available via PDF HERE

If you’d like another resource to chant along with us, you can purchase the beautiful prayer book from the Neem Karoli Baba Taos Ashram, "Prayers of Love."  PRAYER BOOK LINK HERE

“Offered at the holy feet of Sri Maharaj-ji, Sri Siddhi Ma, and Sri Jivanti Ma, this book includes careful transliterations and translations of all the prayers that are sung twice daily at Baba's Temple at Kainchi Dham in India!”  

Shri Siddhi Ma

Shri Siddhi Ma brought the nourishment and care of the Mother to Maharajji’s ashrams and temples and everyone in it. Whenever She was at Maharajji’s ashrams, there was more light and people went about their business with a lighter step. Most of all She was completely Maharajji’s devotee. She taught by example with few direct instructions but in a very subtle way.  - Tara Mather

Tara Mather

Tara met Sri Siddhi Ma in 1978 and her life was never the same ever again. The first 3-1/2 years that she and her husband Bali spent in Kainchi with Ma colored the rest of their lives with blessings of the Hanuman Chalisa, puja, love and grace.

Nina Rao

Nina Rao learned traditional chants (bhajans) from her grandfather in a village in south India when she was nine years old. The chants quietly stayed with her until she rediscovered chanting with Krishna Das in New York in 1996. Now, Nina regularly leads kirtan, chanting of the Hanuman Chalisa, and sings for yoga classes in her hometown of Brooklyn, NY, and beyond. Shri Siddhi Ma is Nina's Guru and she was fortunate to spend time with Ma between 1998-2017.  Find more info on NinaRaoChant.com.

Radha Baum

Radha had the good fortune of being with Maharajji, Neem Karoli Baba, in 1971 and 1972. She met Siddhi Ma In 1973, thus receiving Maharajji‘s Prasad, and had Darshan of Mataji through several years until 1989.

Janaki Tremaglio

Janaki was taken under the wing of Sri Siddhi Ma at Maharajji’s Kainchi ashram starting in 2006. Seeing Ma as a channel of Maharajji and an embodiment of union with the divine, Janaki returned to Mataji’s feet often to dwell in and learn from Ma’s love, strength, and presence. 

We look forward to spending this time with you. 

In Service, 

Tara, Nina, Radha, Janaki, Rob and Melissa


Nina with Shri Siddhi Ma

Nina with Shri Siddhi Ma