Journey to the Heart


Rob and Melissa

Rishikesh and Vrindavan - November 3-15, 2023


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It's always a blessing to return to this sacred land, and we can't wait to share our love of Mother India with you!

The first portion of our journey will be an exploration of the beautiful spiritual city of Rishikesh. Located in the picturesque foothills of the Himalayas, Rishikesh is considered the "birthplace of yoga," and has been a place of devotion, yoga, and meditation since before written history. Millions, if not billions, of yogis, have made pilgrimages to this area of India for thousands of years, coming to the shores of Ganga (Ganges River) for healing, purification, and insight. 

Together, we’ll explore nearby temples, sacred sites and ceremonies, remote villages, and spiritual teachers. Beyond that, we’ll delve into our inner landscape, taking advantage of the profound energy and deeply rooted spiritual vibration of this area through meditation, yoga, Satsang, and of course, lots of kirtan!

This year, we are offering an additional add-on experience, three nights in Vrindavan, where Krishna and his beloved Radha grew up. Vrindavan, sometimes referred to as Vraj, is an epi-center of Krishna bhakti, and maybe the most devotional place we've ever been! Our visit to Vrindavan takes place during the holy month of Kartik, and devotees from all over the globe come here to visit the holy sights and participate in the NONSTOP kirtan! 

Rishikesh only: 


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what's Included (Rishikesh portion)

  • 9 nights accommodation 
  • Daily morning meditation, kirtan, and all-levels yoga practice 
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner from Nov. 3rd dinner through Nov. 12th breakfast
  • Daily group excursions to town, temples, sacred sites, ceremonies, and spiritual teachers, mixed with days to rest and integrate. 
  • All transportation once you arrive at the retreat center on the 3rd until you depart on the 12th.
  • Pre-retreat meet and greet (on Zoom)