Bhakti family membership

Family member tiers


$11 minimum (per month) Sliding Scale

Ganesha, the Lord of New Beginnings and the Remover of Obstacles. The "Ganesha" tier is the foundational level, the underlying support of everything we do.


*Monthly Zoom Kirtan

*Monthly Bhakti Zoom Satsang

*Subscriber discounts 

*Early access to all new music 

**You can choose any number over the minimum of $11 to suit your own situation...$11, $18, $21...whatever you choose! 


$27 minimum (per month) Sliding Scale

Saraswati, the Goddess of Creativity, Music and Art. The "Saraswati" tier inspires us, ignites us and reminds us what life is all about: Expressing our Hearts and sharing our Love with each other. Jai Ma!


*All Ganesha benefits plus...

*Monthly Harmonium and Guitar tutorials

***You can choose any number over the minimum of $27 to suit your own situation...$33, $54, $75...whatever you choose! 


$108 minimum (per month) Sliding Scale

Lakshmi, the Goddess of Abundance and Beauty. The "Lakshmi Tier" bestows blessings upon blessings, showering us all with divine flowers from the Heavens. 


*All Ganesha and Saraswati benefits plus...

*A monthly 30 minute private session with either Rob or Melissa (Bhakti mentorship, harmonium or guitar lessons, or...? Your choice!)

***You can choose any number over the minimum of $108 to suit your own situation...$108, $150, $270...whatever you choose! 

Welcome to the Rob and Melissa Bhakti Family Membership page! We're so happy you found us! 

We are Rob And Melissa – RAM. We create RAM vibrations. What are RAM vibrations? High vibes of love, devotion, and celebration created by music, mantra, and Bhakti yoga practices. But second, and more importantly, RAM is a name for the Divine, and it's a name we all sing together quite often, so RAM vibrations are also the Divine Vibes that come from practicing kirtan and Bhakti yoga together! 

We believe everyone has access to these high vibes at any time, if only we could remember. Our work is to remember and reconnect with the tools we were born with. Tools of love, generosity, abundance, and joy. One of the best channels to distribute this connection is through music. And to be specific, high vibe music, and for us, this means kirtan (group call-and-response singing), because...

...there is magic in mantra, and there is power in numbers. 

An important aspect of Bhakti yoga is Satsang, a gathering of truth. This membership is a space to co-create our projects with you, our beloved patrons, friends, family, and fans and it's your support and your donations that allow us to keep creating new music and other heart-centered Bhakti yoga practices to share with you.   

Many of you already make regular donations and have asked us to create something like this, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts...for the contributions, the unwavering support, and the love.

And, it is! The Bhakti Family Membership!

Join the family and share in the RAM vibrations! We look forward to singing with you soon! 

Love and Kirtan,
Rob and Melissa

*More to come! This membership is just a baby and we will all be evolving and growing together!