Our journey begins with an exploration of the beautiful spiritual city of Rishikesh. Located in the picturesque foothills of the Himalayas, Rishikesh is considered the "birthplace of yoga" and has been a place of devotion, yoga, and meditation since before written history.

Countless yogis have made pilgrimages to this area of India for thousands of years, coming to the shores of Ganga (Ganges River) for healing, purification, and insight. 

We'll explore nearby temples, sacred sites and ceremonies. We will visit remote villages and sit with spiritual teachers. Beyond that, we’ll delve into our inner landscape, taking advantage of the profound and deeply rooted spiritual vibration of our environment through meditation, yoga, Satsang, and, of course, lots of kirtan!

We consider it a blessing to return to this sacred land and cannot wait to share our love of Mother India with you!

Why travel with us?

We have been coming to this region of India for 6 years, sometimes staying as long as 3 months. The first time we visited Rishikesh we were blessed to study with one of our most beloved teachers, Vanamali. We told her, we thought we needed to see all of India to really experience it. She said, "In order to get to know India, you must stay in one place." She was correct. After three months of living in Rishikesh, we made lifelong friends we now consider family and studied with some of the most incredible teachers in a variety of lineages. Year after year they welcome us back with open arms, pots full of chai, belly laughs of "enjoying" and hearts filled with gratitude for the Divine. We have now led this beautiful pilgrimage 5 times and each time gets richer. This time is very special, intimate, and uniquely curated as we bring you into our home away from home and introduce you to our spiritual family. 

what's Included:

  • Accommodation: 5 nights in Rishikesh, 4 nights in the jungle
  • Yoga Practices: Daily morning meditation, kirtan, and all-levels yoga practice based on the needs of the day.
  • Meals:  All meals. Rishikesh is a vegetarian and alcohol free.
  • Excursions: Daily group excursions to town, temples, sacred sites, ceremonies, and spiritual teachers, mixed with days to rest and integrate. Here's an example of some of our favorite excursions (subject to availability):
    • Goddess Temple at Sunrise
    • Beatles Ashram
    • Jungle Waterfalls
    • Parmarth Niketan Aarti
    • Trivini Ghat Aarti
    • Ramana's Garden Children's Home site visit and Kirtan
    • Anand Prakash Ashram - meditation, yoga, fire puja, satsang and kirtan
    • Satsang with Vanamali
    • and so much more!!!
  • Transportation: All transportation during the retreat is included.
  • Walking: We do a decent amount of walking in our explorations. Sometimes up to 6 miles a day. It's a meander, but it is significant if you're not used to it. Roads, trails, pathways can be uneven.
  • Pre-retreat meeting:  Pre-retreat meet and greet on zoom for participants - an informational session with time for a Q&A.
  • Concierge Planning: Open and easy communication throughout your retreat planning process. We also have access to top notch guides throughout India if you wish to extend your journey before or after our time together.

What's not included:

Airfare*, airport transfers, travel insurance (recommended), personal shopping, spa treatments, Vedic readings, Ayurvedic consultations, temple donations and staff gratuities.  

*The closest international airport is Delhi, the closest domestic airport is Dehradun. We will help arrange transport to and from the Delhi or Dehradun airport.